This is a Sarah Robles appreciation post:

because dickwad Nike and Ralph Lauren can’t be fucked to consider strong, athletic women over 130 lbs.

because her proud mama didn’t get an Olympic jacket.

because despite being the highest ranked weight lifter in the USA, she had hell finding a sponsor because she doesn’t look like “tinkerbelle”.

because the Olympics is about athletic ability.

This is also a “fuck you” to fat shamers who would look at her without knowing anything about her and label her “unhealthy”. And this is her blog

When I was younger, around 4th up to 7th grade I would go to the gym nearly everyday just to weight lift, and I worked out with women who were different shapes and sizes. During that time I went through my awkward stage, I was chubby but I loved the sport. Weightlifting has no proper “weight.” It is for all women and men who have the heart and desire to do what they want and love. I worked with one woman who was as big as this woman, if not bigger, and she tore it up in the gym all the time. So honestly if you think and you’re blind enough not to see how talented these ladies are, you are truly a dumb, ignorant fuck. Nothing but utmost respect for this woman and all women who work their asses off to weight lift/power lift and truly love it more than anything. 

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Posted on Sunday, 5 August
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